-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Rudy Mendez Jr is a Father, Husband and CrossFit Athlete. Rudy has always been a competitive athlete since he was young playing numerous sports. In high school, Rudy thrived on the hardwood playing four years on the varsity basketball team. During his senior year he made the Sacramento Nike All-Star Team and was offered to play professional basketball overseas.

More recently, Rudy was competitive in the martial arts practices of Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Muay Thai. In 2009 Rudy took 1st Place in the Ralph Gracie Tournament.

Rudy is also an experienced Olympic Weightlifter. He trained under the guidance of Team USA Member David Garcia. Rudy has competed in two Olympic Weightlifting Meets.

I train CrossFit because…
It pushes you to become stronger mentally and physically. I also want to be healthy and perform well at any task.

I’m hella good at….

One Arm Kettlebell Snatch

I suck when it comes to…

Barbell Front Squats

Favorite food is…


Song that pumps me up…

Anything Jay-Z, Tupac or Lil Wayne.